Biblical Theology

What is Biblical Theology?

Biblical Theology could simply be theology that is biblical.  It could be theology that is shaped by the Bible’s teaching and uses the Bible as its source, as it tries to faithfully summarize what the entire Bible has to teach us about God, human beings, and salvation.

But that’s not exactly what we’ll be talking about in this class when we define “Biblical Theology”.

When we talk about Biblical theology, we mean a theology that tries to understand not only what the Bible teaches, but to do so within the context of the Bible’s revealed and developing story-line.  The Scriptures are not a compilation of popular ideas, nor is the Bible a chaotic and contradictory collection of religious writings.  Rather, the Bible is a single story, a unified message from God that conveys a coherent and consistent message.  Thus Biblical Theology is concerned not just with the moral of the story, but the telling of the story, and how the very nature of its telling shapes our understanding of its point.

Be sure to join us January 11th @ 9:45am as we embark on a 13-lesson journey to not only understanding what Biblical Theology is, but actually do a Biblical Theology together.  And then we will summarize our time together by seeing the practical ways in which this theology changes the way we live and function in the context of the local church.

Dick Gaffin put it best when he said, “The Bible is not so much divinely given gnosis (knowledge) to provide us with knowledge concerning the nature of God, man, and the world, as it is the divinely inspired interpretation of God’s activity of redeeming men so that they might worship and serve him in the world.”