The Fear of Man

The purpose of this study on the fear of man is not to give you the tools for a boosted self-esteem. Rather, we are going to begin exploring what the fear of man looks like in our lives and in our culture. We are going to examine what we have all been called to (fearing God and loving others). We’re going to recognize how we have lost this focus, and how we can begin to re-establish the fear of God in our lives, and regain a right perspective about ourselves and others. During these classes we will explore the various ways we most often tend to be controlled by the fear of man, for only as we begin to categorize our struggles in this area, are we able to see the paths that biblical repentance must travel. Throughout this class we will see explicitly that overcoming the fear of others is not something we can accomplish on our own. There is One who didn’t give into the fear of man and gave Himself up, so that we could fear God rightly and thereby begin seeing enslavement to the fear of man eliminated.